Asking for financial donations has its challenges for both those who ask and those who give. For the giver, it could be financially difficult at times to give and that's ok.  As for us who are asking, well, truth be told, we don't like asking.

We believe God is our source of provision and that supplies all of our needs just like He promised. However, we realize that money wont fall from the sky and God does not physically dwell amongst us here on earth to transfer resources directly from His hand to ours. We conclude from scripture (2 Corinthians 8:3-5, 12-14) that He has ways of doing so indirectly by moving on the hearts of His people, prompting you so that you desire to partner with us financially, transferring resources from your hands to ours to help spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ to places far and abroad.

For any donation of $25 or more we will send you a thank you gift. The exclusive Jah Roots Radio T-Shirt, a sticker and pen.


Consider supporting Jah Roots Radio with your financial contribution. We don't beg or plead, nor hold you hostage for days at a time begging. We believe God provides where he leads us into service, and you can be used as his tool to continue the broadcast ministry of Jah Roots Radio.

Through prayer

Prayer is important to all that we do. God works in each of our lives when we seek Him and pray. We at Jah Roots Radio need your prayers too. Jah Roots Radio impacts the lives of many people around the world and we ask for your prayers that God would work through this ministry.  

We'll pray for you

One of our commitments here at Jah Roots Radio is to pray for the needs of our listeners. Every day, one of us will pray individually for the needs of our listeners.

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